Monday, February 2, 2009

Steps to handle content on the internet.....

1)Do not forward UNCERIFIED information
2)Check with RELIABLE souces
- ONLINE(Recommended souces,Cyber Wellness Mentors)
-OFFLINE(Teachers,parents,trusted adult friends,Crush trainers)

Some useful websites:


Copyright is a protection that covers other people's work.We cannot copy other people's things,it is illegal todo so.

Piracy-Use others' work without songs,pictures,movies....

Plagiarism-Use others' work and pass off as your own.

please respect others' rights!

Cyber Wellness Values

1.Be street-smart:There are many positive uses of the internet but also many negative uses,so we have to be street-smart while surfing the internet to protect ourselves from the dangers.

2.Be Respectful & Responible:When we are using the internet,we should treat others with respect.

3.Archieve balance:Time is precious,we should use the Net with balance and manage our time.

USE these values to help you.....


When using MSN......
1)Do not reveal your personal information as anything you reveal will be PUBLIC!

2)Not to add other people that you don't know!Or send pictures to them too!

3)Do not meet the stranger outside as it is very dangerous,you do not know what kind of person he is!

4)Do not tell anyone your password or they can use your MSN to do anything they like.

REMEMBER these tips!!!!

COOL identity

COOL Indentity

Cannot reveal your gender & age.
Out of this world
Something that you Like

1.Not to reveal your gender,age,name and address online.It is dangerous as anyone can find it and use the information to find you.
2.Be oringinal.Not to copy other's things.
3.Post your things that you like.Eg.your name,journals...

We need to have the COOL indentity to ensure that we are safe when surf on the internet.